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Will Biden take exec action on border? Dem senator says it may be ‘only option’
Trump prosecutor awaits fate as judge mulls decision
Mark Levin: Democrats don't want you to know this
WATCH: New sleep aid 'made from 100% Joe Biden press conferences'
'UNHINGED': Media melts down over SCOTUS hearing Trump case
Tyrus: This lady likes to shoot in her birthday suit
'NOTHING BURGER': Biden's SOTU address will be his 'blame game,' Kansas sen says
Seattle residents respond to questions on crime
America has a problem, and his name is Joe Biden: GOP sen
Biden does not want to hold China accountable for this: Peter Schweizer
Rep. Byron Donalds says ‘there is no path to victory for Nikki Haley’
This crisis poses a ‘real danger’ to our national security, Sen. Rubio warns
Trump questions Biden's 'stupid' open border policies: 'Who would do this?' #shorts
Biden ‘fails’ on all the issues Americans care about: Tammy Bruce
Dems are using social security and Medicare has a ‘piggy bank,’ economist warns
SNL roasts Biden’s team for claiming he is ‘sharp behind closed doors’ #shorts
School choice is a Republican platform: Corey DeAngelis
Oregon switches up on drug leniency amid overdose surge: The ‘experiment’ is over
This is ‘troubling news’ for Democrats: Rachel Campos-Duffy
Israeli gov’t spokesman reveals if a Gaza cease-fire is on the horizon
Progressives panic as boys trend more conservative
Hunter Biden claimed 'drug, alcohol induced amnesia' during testimony, says lawmaker
Kilmeade: We may be witnessing the greatest comeback of all time
Travel warnings to US tourists heading abroad as spring break nears
’MAKE OR BREAK’: Super Tuesday could reveal Nikki Haley’s 2024 fate
Immigration should be ‘orderly and legal,’ but it is not: Rep. Darrell Issa
US immigration mess elicits dueling border visits: Tom Shillue
'Gutfeld!': Trump leads in swing states
'NOBODY IS BUYING THAT': Bill Maher urges Biden to stop denying old age
Newsom takes swipe at 'spineless' GOP amid 'startling' new border numbers
Trump, Biden exchange jabs on immigration crisis during 'dueling border visits'
Trump sweeps remaining Michigan delegates at state GOP convention
Trump has a ‘fantastic case’ to make, says former federal prosecutor
Who can forget when Abraham Lincoln said this?: Gutfeld
California Democrat urges Biden to 'address border' at State of the Union
Trump did the 'best job' on border visit, Texas sheriff says
Biden’s policies are behind this: Rep. Malliotakis
Donald Trump: The wall is ‘always going to be the most effective’ #shorts
Delay is Trump’s friend: Former Deputy Assistant AG
‘HORRIBLE MISAKE’: Rancher sends a message to Biden about border crisis
Why Florida towns are ‘breaking up with spring break’
‘NO BRAINER’: Gov. Kemp calls on Biden to secure the border #shorts
'Nothing more than bullying': NY county exec responds to AG's threat over girls' sports
This is the problem we're seeing with those coming across the border: Doug Collins
‘I’VE GOT YOU’: Louisville, Kentucky firefighter details the rescue from dangling truck
'TOP TARGETS': Catholic churches see drastic surge in attacks since 2020
The timing is ‘critical’ for Trump: Former federal prosecutor
Ron DeSantis: New Florida law will provide answers on Jeffrey Epstein
Jesse Watters: This is what we’re learning from Jim Biden’s deposition
Jonathan Turley: Hunter Biden 'confirmed essential elements' of House GOP allegations

Will Biden take exec action on border? Dem senator says it may be ‘only option’

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