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Tim Burchett: 'The proof is everywhere, they're just not looking'
Biden funds terrorism with Iran deal on 9/11 | America Right Now
'As corrupt of an allegation as you can get': Whitaker
Greg Kelly has a take on Menendez that 'never occured to anyone else on the planet'
'One-man crime wave': Chris Christie isn't surprised about Sen. Menendez's corruption
Boebert rips 'swampy status quo' amid looming shutdown deadline: Eric Bolling The Balance
Kim Guilfoyle: Americans finally 'fed up' with this 'corrupt political class'
Matt Gaetz: A small shutdown could be 'worth it'
We've got quite the Biden impeachment laundry list: Scott Perry | The Record
Dems may replace Biden with Michelle Obama: Trish Regan and Devin Nunes | The Chris Salcedo Show
Michael Grimm uncovers Biden's plot to help China DESTROY the U.S.
Chris Salcedo: Headlines scream chaos, they'll target you if you object | The Chris Salcedo Show
Should Trump attend the next GOP debate? | American Agenda
Menendez indictment has extraordinary amount of evidence: Judge Andrew Napolitano | American Agenda
We are looking at World War III: Hung Cao and Gordon Chang | Newsline
Merrick Garland was not honest about Hunter case: Matthew Whitaker | Newsline
Israeli-Arab peace would be MAJOR event in history: Israeli diplomat | National Report
New Jersey Senator Menendez, wife charged with bribery
'It doesn't get much more 'Sopranos' than that': Halperin
'Peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia will truly create a new Middle East': Netanyahu
Progress 'is happening in spite of Kevin McCarthy': Gaetz
Trump admin. showed their dedication, commitment to Serbia: Vučić
Greg Kelly exposes General Mark Milley for his 'plot against the President'
Roger Ailes' widow reacts to Murdoch Fox News departure, talks Tucker theories with Eric Bolling
Dinesh D'Souza: The Left is fighting 'gangster style' to create a 'Police State'
Rep. Jason Smith: One justice system for Biden and 'one for everyone else'
Israeli Rep exposes U.N. after being detained at General Assembly: 'Moral distortion'
Carl Higbie exposes the truth behind Biden and American Climate Corps
WATCH: Carl Higbie debates left-wing UAW President on strike | Carl Higbie FRONTLINE
Chris Salcedo: Don't be fooled by leftists claiming to be conservative | The Chris Salcedo Show
I called Schumer's bluff on my holds: Tommy Tuberville | American Agenda
Dave Rubin: Fetterman can wear a hoodie, you must dress appropriately | Newsline
We can't take our internal squabbles to the street: Donalds
Week 3 NFL Football Picks | The Gerry Callahan Show
Garland tried to guilt you into not asking tough questions: Van Drew
Fox News is becoming part of leftist media: Eric Bolling | Newsline
BREAKING: Murdoch steps down as Fox chairman
Chuck Schumer is cheering for a shutdown: Blackburn
Greg Kelly: Did Merrick Garland commit perjury?
Bongino: 'Fake, phony' libs embarrass themselves yet again | Eric Bolling The Balance
Body language expert exposes Biden's 'weakness' during U.N. speech
Carl Higbie: The United Nations causes headaches, doesn't put America first | Carl Higbie FRONTLINE
Saying men can become women is like saying 2+2=5: Riley Gaines
Donald Trump: Our country is dying, we're going to bring it back
'Most corrupt administration this nation has ever seen': Rep. Murphy
Rudy Giuliani: You have to be stupid not to realize Garland is 'disgraceful' | Newsline
Escorting Israeli ambassador is DUMB UN move: Ric Grenell | Newsline
Jim Jordan to AG Garland: Burisma goes right to the White House | National Report
Biden meets with Netanyahu, but still no White House invite
'I am not the president's lawyer': Attorney General Merrick Garland

Tim Burchett: 'The proof is everywhere, they're just not looking'

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